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GDCH at University Regensburg
Welcome to the local GDCH at the University Regensburg!

Since October 2021, Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein is representing the local union of the GDCH in Regensburg (Sprecherin des Ortsverbandes Regensburg).
For further information on our new representative have a look here!

If you have something to discuss, please drop us a line. You find the contact form below.

Meetings since summer term 2022
We are back on site and will offer all lectures in an on-site format. For some lectures we can provide a hybrid format, with Zoom-links provided on the page of the current talks.

You also find the advertisement on the official GDCH calender that you can open in your browser or look it up in your GDCH app.

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GDCH University Regensburg
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